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Silver Coin investing

Silver and Gold – Junk Silver Coins and American Gold Eagles.  Financial Security in Troubled Economic Times.

Junk Silver Coin Investment

Junk Silver Coins are the most cost effective way to invest in & own Silver

Enduring value

Preserves wealth in turbulent times

Provides a sense of history

 Think different –  Protect your loved ones in the oncoming economic storm?

Silver coins are an affordable and effective way to invest in precious metals.

This is a great time to own silver coins! Silver is currently undervalued, which means it’s a great time to own Silver!

People are creatures of habit.  Let me ask you, are you doing the same thing and making the same choices with your finances but expecting a different result?  You probably know that’s the definition of insanity. Perhaps 2013 is the year to try something different.  Silver and gold  are investments most people never take advantage of even though they have been one of the best performing asset classes over the past decade.  The crowd hasn’t caught onto this yet, which makes it the best time to buy.

Maybe your ready to diversify your portfolio into physical silver, the kind you can hold in your hands.

Do you own precious metal coins?

Here’s a key financial question – Do you own physical silver or gold yet?  Do you have it in your possession, sitting in your safe protecting you and your family against the coming economic storms?  If you do you’ve made a wise decision, now it’s time to reflect and decide if you have enough to provide the level of financial peace and security you desire.  If you haven’t yet made the decision to own silver there’s still time to add this essential and important item to your investment and financial portfolio.

Why is this a good time to invest in silver? Two words – Political uncertainty and the Fiscal Cliff.   In a word, silver and other monetary metals rise in price based on uncertainty, and there is a lot of uncertainty out there.   Sure, the media continues to announce that the officially the “Great Recession” is over but unemployment remains high, (with the real unemployment rate hovering around 20%!), taxes are set to rise in 2013 and there is the continued threat of economic recession next year.  Political uncertainty is growing not only in the United States, but throughout the entire western world.  Let’s face it, for the man in the streets there are few signs of a sustained economic recovery.

Own Gold and Silver Coins in preparation for 2013!

This website is focused on investing and owning physical silver and other precious metals in the form of coins and bullion.  It also focuses on answering the following questions:

  • Is owning and investing in silver and gold an effective way to protect you and your family against economic calamity – the falling US dollar, government mismanagement of both the economy and the currency and the seemingly never ending series of bad economic news?
  • What is the advantage of investing in silver coins, bullion and bars and what to look for to know you’re buying the right investment at the right price?  How do you avoid paying too much?
  • What are all the reasons you should invest in precious metal coins and why physical coins are a “must have” addition to your financial portfolio?
  • Can Silver and Gold help you weather the coming collapse of the Euro, the coming debt crisis and possible inflation and economic collapse?

If you’ve been thinking of adding precious metals like silver and gold to your investment portfolio it’s not too late.  In fact, this is a great time because silver prices are off their recent highs and represent a good bargain.  Silver and gold tend to do well in turbulent economic times, as they represent a safe haven for your wealth, and all indications are that silver and gold prices will continue to go higher, perhaps several times higher.

Silver and gold coins can protect and preserve your wealth in troubled economic times and let’s face it, we are living in troubled economic times.  We are entering into a new year and indications are that, economically speaking, it’s going to be a rough year economically.  In fact, it’s possible that we’re going to have troubled times for at least the next few years, maybe the next decade as the economy continues to struggle with no end in sight.  We need to take action now to implement the steps to needed to protect yourself and your family.  Financially speaking, a good first step is to begin integrating junk silver coins into your financial portfolio.

Ready to own junk silver coins now?  Start here with a small investment…Own Junk Silver Coins.

Not convinced silver is right for you or not ready to own silver coins yet?  Then read on…

The government is messing with your money.

Can you handle the truth?  Here’s a fact that the government and the mainstream media is keeping hidden from you.  There is no recovery.  The economy still sucks and in fact, the steps taken by the Obama regime have not only failed to deliver recovery, they have made the matter worse.

Did you know the US Dollar has lost a third of its value since the year 2000?  Amazing!

Where is the economic recovery?  Despite billions of dollars in so-called stimulus there are few signs that the economy is recovering from the ongoing government-caused financial collapse.  In fact, certain economic indicators are pointing towards a “double dip” recession, in which things are going to get even worse.

You need to take matters into your own hands and take personal responsibility for protecting your wealth against the many financial dangers out there.  Owning precious metals, specifically gold and silver coins is an effective part of any wealth preservation strategy.  Get informed, get educated and get started.

First a disclaimer: Nothing on this site should be construed as investment advice or guidance.  It is not intended as investment advice or guidance, nor is it offered as such. It is solely the opinion of the writer, who is NOT an investment counselor/professional. This site is designed for those investors considering investing in precious metal coins to protect their finances and their future against the upcoming government-caused disasters who are seeking out the opinions and views of others.  The opinions and advice offered by this site may not reflect the views of conventional investment advisers and the mainstream financial press.  No one writing for this website is or claims to be licensed by the government to provide these answers and in fact, some of these answers will not be looked upon favorably by the government.  All the content of this website is solely an expression of the site owner’s personal interests and is posted as free-of-charge opinion and commentary. If you seek investment advice, consult a registered, qualified investment counselor (As with any other professional service, confirm their track record and referrals).

A new Economic Age or, Reality Bites.

The United States, and indeed the entire world is entering into a new economic age fraught with turbulence and obeying new financial rules. Things are not going to go back to the way they were in 2006, that economic reality is over.  The world is evolving, governments are losing control and countries around the world are riddled with unsustainable debt and out of control spending.  It is in period of turbulence like this that precious metals make a wise investment choice, specifically gold and silver.  This site specializes in silver investing, specifically junk silver coins.

This website is based on the concept of personal responsibility in that you are the only person responsible for your financial future and for how you generate and protect your wealth.  You need to educate and inform yourself in the field of finances and economics and, while this has always been true, it is even more critical now than ever before in our lifetimes.  We are in the beginning stages of a great economic upheaval, some might characterize as “the coming economic storm”.  Since no one knows what the future portends it is essential that we prepare ourselves for any one of several possible scenarios.  When it comes to economic preparation, gold and silver needs to play a significant role.

It is the view of this website that every person and family should invest a portion of their wealth in precious metals, specifically gold and silver coinage.  Silver and gold have been used for wealth preservation for thousands of years and remain an effective way to protect your hard earned wealth…some things never change.

It is important that you compare the advice and information presented on this site with suggestions from your paid advisors and professionals – your lawyer, CPA, or certified financial planner. This site is governed by three rules: (1) in a multitude of counselors, there is safety; (2) diversification of your assets and your time is an important and vital part of every wealth generation and preservation program and (3) you are ultimately responsible for the allocation of your assets, especially your time – There’s that personal responsibility thing again.

This site specializes in informing the reader about the advantages of investing a portion of assets in the form of physical silver, specifically junk silver coins.  Junk Silver coins provide an easy, affordable and simple way to buy silver, a precious metal that can preserve your wealth in the face of economic uncertainty.

What are Junk Silver coins?

Let’s start out by defining exactly what we mean by the term “junk silver”.  What are junk silver coins and what makes them different from silver coins that aren’t junk?  It’s pretty simple.  Junk Silver coins are run of the mill pre-1965 US coinage that doesn’t have a collector value.  Most people today are unaware that prior to 1965 US coins were 90% silver, a precious metal.  The value of these coins was determined by the value of the silver in the coin and not by the denomination of the coin itself.  These silver coins are called “Junk Silver” to distinguish them from collectible grade coins, but there is nothing “Junky” about them.  Buying Junk Silver coins and other precious metals are an excellent way to diversify your financial assets and, with government spending out of control and a rocky economy that shows few signs of recovering soon, silver coins offer you an affordable way to get started in precious metal investing.

These are uncertain times for both the dollar, the economy and the United States.  You need to be prepared.  You need to invest in silver coins.  One of the best places to buy junk silver coins is online, especially at eBay and other auction sites.  Listed below and throughout this site are current offering on eBay – the listings below are Pre-1965 United States silver Roosevelt dimes, which are great coins to buy if you are just getting started in silver investing or looking to add to your collection.  Buy junk silver coins online here…Own Junk Silver Coins