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401K or Precious Metals – Preparing For A Rainy Day

by Silver Coin Guy on April 7, 2014

Being able to save enough money to retire comfortably is one of the more popular myths of our era.  It is virtually impossible for the majority of people to be able to retire with enough savings in the bank to retire comfortably, especially with interest rates basically non-existent.

The Truth – Unless you are one of the lucky few you will not be able to put away enough money in savings to retire.  It is my belief (and this is not financial advice – see my disclaimer) that this is especially true if you put your money into a government sanctioned retirement account such as a 401k or IRA, regular or Roth.  It’s not *free* money your earning, it’s the bait being used to entice you into placing all your assets under the watchful eye, and ultimate control, of the government,

You know, those guys who have mismanaged the United States into bankruptcy and need your money to fund their social programs and needless wars. Do you trust them?

A better way to retire is to invest in yourself with a business or real estate or other vehicle, kept outside your retirement accounts of course.  And for savings you should have a portion of your wealth in precious metals – gold and silver.

My preference is to invest in Gold Coins for safety and capital appreciation and Silver Coins for speculating and as an emergency stash of funds.

For more information on the real reasons 401k’s were set up (Hint: It wasn’t for your benefit.) and how unsafe your 401k investment is watch the video below.

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