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Retirement and why you might want to start buying junk silver

by Silver Coin Guy on March 7, 2012

Retirement has evolved from a dream, throughout history very few people were actually able to “retire” into a life of ease, shuffleboard and travel, into a perceived “right” for all.  The truth is that retirement, as presently conceived, is a relatively new development.  Most people most of the time worked until they simply weren’t able to anymore and then were taken care of by their families for the short period from that point until death.

But now of course we want our retirement – “Damn it…I put in my time, deserve it and someone else should pay for it.”

But this present idea of retirement isn’t sustainable, it’s as simple as that.  There isn’t enough money in the pot for us to pay for all the promises and perceived entitlements people expect.

Now in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal comes some more bad news, the financial landscape will change even more in the very near future, and not in a good way as far as financing a comfortable retirement is concerned.   Financial investment returns will be even more anemic than they currently are and the ratio of retirees to workers will simply be too high.  You can, and should read about it here…Baby Boomer Retirement.

From the article;

“The problem in a nutshell: The ratio of retirees to active workers in the U.S. will balloon. As retirees sell stocks and then bonds to support themselves, there will be fewer younger investors to buy those securities, keeping a lid on prices. Meanwhile, strong demand from boomers and a limited supply of workers will boost the prices of goods and services the boomers need.”

The word “Unsustainable” comes to mind.

Junk Silver coins for retirement?

So how can junk silver coins help with this situation?  Simple.  I believe precious metals, both gold and silver, are a great hedge against the coming changes in the financial landscape.  Conversely, junk silver coins are the smart way to invest in and own silver, one of the traditional monetary metals and an asset that should outperform the more traditional investments in the coming financial environment.

Junk silver coins are a smart way to start hedging your bets and seem to me to be a smart component of any serious financial plan.  You can pick up some junk silver coins here.

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