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Another excellent option for buying and storing precious metals, aside from storing it yourself, is to use a third party bullion facility or custodial bullion account. These facilities provide you with a way to diversify your metal holdings in terms of location and even type of metal, providing safe and secure storage for your precious metals.  While several of these facilities exist, both inside and outside the United States, one needs to be selective when choosing the facility you are going to trust with your investment.

In my opinion there are only two bullion custodial companies worthy of consideration – and the Perth mint, with being the easiest, least expensive and most versatile of the two.  In fact, no precious metals investment plan can be complete without taking into consideration as it is a service most investors and owners of gold and silver should use at a certain point in their lives.

In short, is simply the best, most trustworthy and most reliable third-party bullion storage facility I can think of (The Perth Mint is another trustworthy and reliable way to store you precious metals but there are significant differences between it and, differences that, in my opinion make goldmoney the better choice for most investors.  (I’ll cover the Perth Mint in a later article.)

So what is is a third party custodial bullion storage company that allows you to purchase and store gold, silver and platinum.  It’s convenient, affordable and very easy to use, allowing you to store your precious metals safely away while still giving you quick access to them.  Here are some of the other advantages offered by

  • The commission and fees on your metal purchases are some of the lowest in the industry, with the percentage based on type of metal and amount being purchased.  In addition, the storage fees are more than reasonable.
  • You have a choice of three metals to invest in – Gold, silver or Platinum.  (As for platinum this is probably the cheapest and easiest way to invest in the metal since the physical metal is so expensive.)
  • You can invest any amount and are not limited to ounces or fractions of an ounce.  The metals are sold in goldgrams, platinum grams and silver ounces.  For gold and platinum this allows you to build up a significant investment using a series of small investments, something you might not be able to do with coins and bars.  (Be advised that there are fees involved with transferring your money to your goldmoney account that need to be taken into account when judging the suitability of your investment.  These fees may vary with the country your transferring the money from and the bank you are using.)
  • With goldmoney you will always own the metal that you purchase.  It is not comingled with other people’s metal into which you buy a share or percentage.  If need be, you can take physical delivery of 100 gram or 1 kg gold bars.  This is pretty cool. (You can also take delivery of silver bars but, with a minimum delivery of 30,000 oz. the chances of you being able to do this is pretty small.)
  •’s administrative offices are based on the Isle of Jersey, one of the Channel Islands located off of England with three separate vault locations in which you can locate your precious metals  – London, Zurich or Hong Kong.  Not only are you diversifying your investment by location, you’re actually locating a portion of your investment outside of the united States, an added safety factor against US economic collapse or sanctions.
  • Your investment is fully insured by Lloyd’s of London.
  • Goldmoney’s gold supply is audited semi-annually, ensuring that your investment is safe, secure and actually there.

If you’re nervous or uncertain about holding a significant amount of metals in your residence or in a bank then is worth considering.  Even if you’re comfortable storing precious metals yourself it’s a good idea to diversify part of your holding to another location. This will avoid the chance that all your precious metals can be lost in a single incidence, like when a thief breaks into your home and takes your safe.

Decide what how much gold and silver your comfortable storing in your safe. Once you’ve accumulated this amount it’s a good idea to have the rest of your investment stored at another location offsite, whether this be in a bank safe deposit box (which I personally have reservations against, but you decide for yourself) or at a facility like  I’ve chosen goldmoney as the better of the two choices.  Do the research then decide for yourself.
GoldMoney. The best way to buy gold & silver