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Niall Ferguson on the coming collapse

Economic historian Niall Ferguson frequently comments on the current economic situation and in fact is one of the few economic commentators with a Keynesian view that I make it a point to listen to.  Here he comments on the Greek sovereign debt crisis, the ongoing and coming economic challenges in both Europe and the United States and the possible catastrophic consequences that face western economies.  This is worth a listen.


Some points from his talk:

  • The sovereign debt crisis can unravel faster than people might realize.
  • Greek Economic collapse will start a chain of events and consequences throughout Europe.
  • Political will is lacking in Germany and other Northern European countries to continually support the bankrupt economies of the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain).
  • The United States is closer to the cliff of economic collapse than people realize.

Looking around day after day as we live our lives it’s hard to imagine that the economic system we have grown up with and are accustomed to is on the verge of collapse and economic calamity.  Our economic system, based on the false premises of Keynesian thought and thoroughly corrupt cannot sustain itself on the present financial path we are on.

Silver coins are one step of many we can take to protect ourselves and our wealth during the coming economic difficulties. (I hesitate to say collapse but that may just well be what we have.)

Own silver coins; own gold coins; protect your family and yourself.