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Silver and gold – Take delivery!

What to do with your gold and silver – Take physical possession

For the majority of Americans gold and silver are simply another asset class to invest in.  At best, they own a few gold mining stocks, a precious metal mutual fund or an exchange traded fund (ETF) that focuses on precious metals.  I’m asking you to take the next step, the one that relatively few people currently take, and to invest in physical gold and silver.

This means investing in gold and silver coins, gold and silver bullion or gold and silver bars, and then taking physical possession of them.

On a percentage basis, very few Americans own gold or silver, probably less than 4%.  An even smaller percentage has taken physical possession of their gold and silver, but there is some strong evidence that they should.

Taking physical possession is important.  Every investor should take possession of a portion of their silver and gold portfolio.  For the small investor, owning silver and gold worth less than $20,000 USD there are sound reasons you should probably possess all of it.

Let’s face it, when you take physical possession of your metal you remove layers and layers of risk.  You own the metal and have it in your hands.  You don’t have to deal, or pay for custodians, trustees, banks and their ilk.

Reasons why you should take physical possession of your gold and silver

1) Taking physical possession of the silver and gold you buy, known as “taking delivery”, is the only sure way to guarantee that you own it. When dealing with precious metals in their electronic form via ETF’s, stocks or mutual funds you never really know for sure.

2) Gold and silver needs to be stored safely and securely, ideally in a waterproof and fireproof safe.  There are plenty of inexpensive and affordable safes available and, when amortized over the value of your precious metal holdings your storage fees are small and reasonable

3) You can easily accumulate silver and gold in various forms – coins, bullion coins and bullion bars.  These can be accumulated locally, usually within your community.

4) When you have possession of your gold and silver you are the management team.  You don’t need to worry about the decisions being made with your money.

5) There is a psychological advantage to holding your sivler and gold.  While physical silver and gold are liquid assets, it is much more difficult, both psychologically and physically, to sell your physical assets then it is to hit “Sell” on your computer keyboard.

6) Silver is a safe alternative to holding dollars and is less expensive than gold.

7) Do you want to trust your precious metal holdings to a bank say, in a safe deposit box? Banks are not the safest place to store your gold and silver – 157 banks failed in 2010; 140 in 2009.

8) Getting started accumulating silver is easy. There are no forms to fill out, no management fees and no minimum to be maintained to have an account.  All you need to do to get started is someplace to buy your silver and gold like a coin shop or an eBay account and a few dollars.

9) One of the biggest advantages of taking physical possession is that you can hold the actual silver and gold coin or bar in your hand. There’s something powerful about holding the physical metal in your hand.  Silver and gold are the only financial assets that have no counter-party risk, that will literally last forever and that cannot ever become worthless.  When you do this you will realize how smart a decision you made when you decided to own silver and gold.

11) Having physical possession gives you access to it anytime to protect yourself and your loved ones against any crisis or financial emergency that might take place. Having all the gold and silver in the world doesn’t help you if you can’t get hold of it when you need it.

Modern generations have lost touch with the advantage of physically possessing the instruments of wealth and financial security.  This is something our predecessors, our grandparents and ancestors, took for granted and as a matter of course.  It’s time to reconnect with true wealth and true asset protection.  The smart decision is to own silver and to own gold in its physical form.

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