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Why invest in Junk Silver Coins?

Everyone should have a portion of their wealth invested in precious metals. Precious metals protect your wealth against the really bad things that might happen in the world, things like national collapse, national bankruptcy and the possible collapse of your currency.  For most of our lives we’ve never had to think about these types of things happening because we have been blessed to live in a world of peace and stability.  This stability might not last

With all the economic uncertainty in today’s world having a portion of your assets tied up in Silver, Gold and other precious metals is cheap insurance. Having precious metals is something our great-grandparents would have done naturally. After all, Gold and silver was money back in their day and, gold and silver will probably be money again in the future.

Most people have never invested in precious metals at all, whether it be gold, silver, platinum or some of the more exotic metals. Because they are unfamiliar with the precious metal markets there is naturally some hesitation with starting an investment program. We’re uncomfortable and pretty soon this hesitation becomes procrastination and we end up failing to invest until it’s too late, when everyone else is starting to buy coins and the prices are driven up.

To avoid this you need to start a precious metals investing program now, today, with whatever funds you have. Precious metals are one of the only forms of investing that involves a tangible asset that will always have some value. Silver, gold and platinum will never go to zero. Paper money, which has no intrinsic value whatsoever, has always ended up being worthless. The US dollar will be no different.

So what are some of the best reasons to start your reserve of precious metal coins with junk silver? Here are some of the best reasons to start now.

Buying and acquiring junk silver coins is easy. – Silver coins are readily available in a variety of outlets.  You can buy them at your local coin shop, online at sites like eBay and on occasion you’ll even receive them in your change when buying things. You can even buy them from this website by scrolling down and seeing what coins are being offered.

Low Premiums – Compared to other forms of silver like silver bars or silver rolls, investing junk silver can be done with relatively low premiums, which means to say that there is very little mark-up over the spot price of silver.

Junk Silver is legal tender– While you never want to use junk silver coins as regular coinage the fact remains that they are legal tender and that means they will keep their face value regardless of the price of silver.

Junk Silver coins are easily recognizable – Let’s face it, you know and understand current US coinage, how it is denominated and divided. This familiarity means that the value of these coins will be less disputed than silver bars or rounds might be. People see coins daily. Most people rarely if ever see a silver bar.

Small Demoninations – One of the downsides of owning gold coins (although you should own Gold, even more than silver) is the high value of a relatively small amount of gold. Silver, being less costly, is easier to use in everyday purchases and more easily divided. If a situation were to arise where you wanted to purchase something with your precious metals, say a loaf of bread for instance, it would be better to pay with a silver coin then with Gold.