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Gold running out in Lisbon

August 17, 2012

Junk silver coins are a great way to protect your financial security and wealth in uncertain economic times.  This has been the position of this website since the beginning.  Both silver and gold give you the ability to preserve your wealth in an age when fiat money can’t be trusted and, unbeknownst to most, is […]

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US Junk Silver Nickels?

August 10, 2012

Is there such a thing as a silver nickel coin?  Nickel’s are United States coins equal to 1/20th of a dollar, or 5 cents.  Currently US nickels are composed of 75% Copper and 25% Nickel, but many people want to know if nickels were ever composed of silver, like almost all US coinage up until […]

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Junk Silver Coins as part of your personal financial rebuilding plan

August 8, 2012

Junk Silver coins can form an integral part of your personal financial recovery plan.  Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones who is weathering this current financial storm in fine shape.  Your investments are paying off, business is booming and your net worth is only growing.  If you’re one of these lucky individuals my hat goes off […]

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Tough times ahead…buy silver

August 7, 2012

Silver is a great way to protect and preserve your wealth during times of economic trouble and turmoil.  The proof?  Silver has been used as a form of money and wealth for thousands of years. Paper money?  Every paper money ever produced by man has evolved into nothingness.  The same thing will happen to the […]

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Silver Coin Investing – Silver Roosevelt Dimes

August 4, 2012

 Silver Roosevelt dimes were introduced in 1946 to commemorate the recently deceased Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the President who had steered the nation through the great depression and World War Two.  It replaced the Mercury Dimes which had been in circulation since 1916. Silver Roosevelt dimes were minted from 1946 until 1964, the year the US decided to […]

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Silver Coin Investing – Silver Mercury Dimes

August 3, 2012

Mercury dimes, often considered one of the most beautiful coins ever produced by the US mint, are one of the most popular silver coins collected by coin collectors. Mercury Dimes were minted between 1916 and 1945.  They were replaced by the Roosevelt dime in 1946 to commemorate the death of President Franklin Roosevelt in 1945. Like […]

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Junk Silver Investing – Silver Dimes

August 2, 2012

Silver dimes minted in the United States between 1837 and 1964 were composed of 90% silver and 10% copper, metals which have both appreciated in value over the past few years. Silver dimes contain roughly 0.0714 ounces of silver (remember that $1.40 in junk silver coins contains 1 troy ounce of silver therefore, dividing an […]

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Silver Coins are still a great value

July 31, 2012

With the price of silver hovering around the $27 – $28 per ounce  range for the past few weeks silver coins have continued to be a bargain for those looking to invest in and own physical precious metals.  Junk silver coins, which are  90% silver, are the best, meaning most affordable and easiest, way for […]

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Is Silver still a good investment?

July 16, 2012

Aside from it’s symbolic value and aesthetic  beauty, silver continues to be  a great investment, even in today’s uncertain and turbulent financial markets. Even more so because of today’s turbulent and uncertain markets. Silver, twined with gold, are history’s two great monetary metals.  Silver and gold have provided financial safety for literally thousands of years. against […]

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79 years ago America went off the Gold Standard

June 5, 2012

On June 5th 1933 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed legislation taking the United States off of the Gold Standard.  You can read about it here…FDR Takes U.S. off Gold Standard. Two months prior, on April 5, 1933, the government passed legislation forbidding American citizens from owning gold. This involved confiscating (stealing) the gold held by […]

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