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Silver Dimes

by Silver Coin Guy on December 22, 2011

One of the more frequent silver coins purchased for investment and collecting purposes is the silver dime.  Because dimes (1/10th of a dollar for those who don’t know what a dime is) are the smallest and thinnest US coin they tend to be the least expensive way to dip your toe into the silver market.

And silver dimes make great gifts not only for Christmas, but year round.  Heck rolls of silver dimes are a great gift you can give yourself…Own Silver dimes here.

Silver dimes are cheap, relative to other silver coins, so if you’re unsure about investing in silver this might be the right coin for you.

There have been six major dime designs since the dime was first authorized in 1792.  Up until US coinage was debased in 1965 dimes have always been composed of roughly 90% silver, 10% copper, just as are all junk silver coins.  For investment purposes which dime you choose to buy doesn’t really make a difference, your buying for the silver and not for the coin.  If your intending to pick up some dimes for a gift however, it’s pretty cool to choose something beautiful and historic as well as valuable.

Here are the six dimes that have been issued by the United States:

Disme – This coin was authorized in 1792 but never circulated.  The first dime produced for public circulation was the Draped Bust dime first minted in 1796.

Draped Bust Dime– Produced between 1796 and 1807  these are rare and expensive dimes more suited to collectors than as an investment in physical silver.  Because they are rare they can be a great investment, not for their silver value but for their value as a numismatic item.

Seated Liberty Dime – minted between 1837 and 1891 the Seated Liberty dime makes a great gift, especially because it is older and rarer than many of the more commonly found dimes.

Barber Dime – Named for its designer, Charles Barber, and not for the occupation.  These dimes were minted between 1879 and 1917.  They were replaced by the Mercury dime.

Mercury Dime – The official name for this dime is the “Winged Liberty” dime because the face of the coin depicts  the goddess Liberty, not the Roman god Mercury as is commonly assumed.  Minted between 1916 and 1945 this is a 90% silver, 10% copper coin that is considered by many to be the most beautiful US coin ever issued. This was replaced in 1945 by the Roosevelt dime.

Roosevelt Dime – Issued in 1945 to commemorate FDR this dime has been in circulation up to the present day.  The only major change to this coin was the change in the coins composition from 90% silver, 10% copper to 91.67% copper and 8.33% Nickel…basically from a coin that had value to a worthless coin.

Silver dimes, because of their small size and value, are best bought by the roll if you intend to use them as a store of value.

Invest in these beautiful coins, invest in silver.


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