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Silver Investing Resources

The smart Junk silver coin investor takes the time and trouble to educate themselves about the silver market. While there are plenty of resources and information available on the Internet, I have found that books offer a richer and more effective learning experience than spending time surfing the net. Books have the added advantage of offering context for your investments.

How deep does the rabbit hole go?
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Listed below are books that I have found helpful in developing my own personal investment philosophy. Some are specific to investing in silver and precious metals, some are more general and still others are more broad-based and contribute to your overall world view. Remember, knowledge is power.

What is happening to our money?

Despite what we’ve been taught, we do not operate in a free market. The monetary system is being controlled and manipulated by the central banks and political systems. How is this being done?  You’ve got a choice, Red pill or Blue pill. If you’re ready to take the red pill and discover the reality about our political and economic system this is all about here are some of the best books to start your journey with:

Silver investing books and resources