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The Cyprus Situation and Silver Coins

by Silver Coin Guy on April 13, 2013

Crisis in the EurozoneThe events surrounding the unfolding banking crisis in Cyprus lends evidence to the argument that banks shouldn’t be trusted to hold all of your money.

The problem with digital money, and in keeping your money where it can be easily seized and taken “for the greater good” is just that…it can be seized and taken by Government bureaucrats at the flip of a switch.

A portion of your wealth should be held in the form of physical precious metal coins.  You can pick up Gold Coins or Junk Silver Coins online.

Government bureaucrats and politicians seem to have trouble with the concept that your money is your money.  The common belief, acted upon if not outright stated, is that your money belongs to the collective…they just let you keep a portion that they deem fair.

Banking serves an important function, and credit is necessary to fuel economic growth and business development.  But banking is a business that has grown out of control and honestly, it seems like the wise choice to diversify your assets out of the banking system to whatever extent you deem comfortable.

  1. Everyone should hold a cash reserve, both in your local currency and select hard currencies.
  2. Precious Metals, like gold and silver coins and bullion, are an effective way to preserve and store wealth.
  3. Tangibles baby, tangibles, like real estate, land and…yes precious metals, can be an effective store of value
  4. Your bank accounts should be diversified across both banks and geographies.  Remember, banks are businesses and businesses do go bust.  Nations, or more accurately national governments and currencies go bust as well.  Don’t trust any government or banking institution completely.

The events in Cyprus have ushered in a new era of wealth confiscation.  Governments around the globe are broke, I don’t care which government you’re talking about.  All Western Governments are broke and on unsustainable fiscal paths.  They will steal your wealth to support themselves and the unsustainable budgets they have.  Capital controls are being put in place all around the world.

Cyprus Bank Crisis Zombies

The signs are there, there is a crisis coming on the horizon,  No, it’s not the zombie Apocalypse, but it will result in a lower standard of living and immense financial hardships for a lot of folks.  Don’t be one of them.

Buy Silver, buy gold, pay cash, take delivery.  Buy Junk Silver Coins Here!.




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